Dental Access Plan

Highland Dental Arts is the home of experienced, compassionate, and qualified dentists, dental hygienists, and assistants.  Our goal is you having a healthy, beautiful smile!

We recognize in this economy it is difficult to afford services so people sometimes do without preventive care until pain, infection, or fractures force them to see the dentist. We want to help you before the incident occurs.

Basic dental care accessible to all people …

With the HDA Dental Access Plan, members can have a dental care savings plan for families and individuals to receive quality dental services at greatly reduced fees.

HDA Dental Access Plan is not an insurance plan; it’s a dental savings plan.  Benefits begin when you register for the plan.

• No deductibles • No yearly maximums • No pre-authorization requirements • No waiting periods for approvals • No wondering whether insurance will pay or how much they will cover • No paperwork for you to fill out and submit for each service

HDA Dental Access Plan includes:

1. “Healthy Mouth cleaning” – basic hygiene cleaning two times/year. Note: this is not a deep cleaning such as would be necessary if there are periodontal (gum disease) problems.

2. Home care instructions to ensure adequate follow-up at home

3. Annual Dental Exam – this is a thorough exam by the dentist

4. Digital images (X-rays) needed for exam

5. A full fluoride treatment for sensitivity and cavity prevention

6. First emergency care exam at no additional cost

7. 24/7 emergency care available

8. Membership also entitles the member to reduced fees on other services performed at our office. Exception – care referred to a specialty office.

During the first year of enrollment, members will receive a 10% discount on non-plan services.  Membership starts the date the contract is signed and paid and renews each year on the same date.  After the first year, members will receive a 15% discount if the plan is renewed.

HDA Dental Access members pay only $299 per year for all of the above services and discounts. Contrast this with purchasing private insurance which can range from $32 – $70 per month for a total of $384 -$840 per year … AND additional family members can enroll for only $199 per year.  In-house payment plans at low interest rates, if needed, are available to HDA Access members for major work.